MP Board Class 10th English Chapter 5 Refund Solutions

In this article, we will share MP Board Class 10th English Chapter 5 Refund solutions with pdf, These solutions are solved by subject experts from the latest edition books.

MP Board Class 10th English The Rainbow Chapter 5 Refund Textbook Exercises Solutions

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Refund Vocabulary

Question 1. Use the following expressions in your own sentences by hook or by crook, what the hell, is that plain enough, will go straight, good for nothing, God forbid! Bravo! Have my ears open, as a matter of fact, with flying colours.


  1. By hook or by crook – She will try to pass the test by hook or by crook.
  2. What the hell- What the hell were you doing with that girl?
  3. is that plain enough – Don’t waste your precious time. Is That plain enough to you?
  4. Will go straight – The arrow will go straight to its target.
  5. Good for nothing – your neighbour is a good for nothing fellow.
  6. God forbid – God forbid! how will the old man survive if he is not given medicines in time.
  7. Bravo – Bravo! our team has won the final match.
  8. Have my ears open- Don’t speak so loudly, I have my ears open.
  9. As a matter of fact – She won’t listen to your advice. As a matter of fact, she is stupid.
  10. With flying colours- Our soldiers returned with flying colours after defeating their enemy.

10th English Chapter 5 Refund Solutions

II. Select the correct spelling of the following and write it in your notebook.

Questions 1. A. Tution, B. Twishan, C. Tuitions, D. tooshan.

Answer: (C) Tuition.

Questions 2. A. Kursy, B. Courtesy, C. Gourtsy, D. Courtesye.

Answer: (B) Courtesy.

Questions 3. A. Mathematic, B. Mathematics, C. Mathamatics, D. mathamatiks.

Answer: (B) Mathematics.

Questions 4. A. Ainsteen, B. Einstean, C. Instein, D. Einstein.

Answer: (D) Einstein.

Questions 5. A. Unparalleled, B. Unparralleled, C. Unparaleled, D. Unparelleled.

Answer: (A) Unparalleled.

MP Board Class 10th English Chapter 5 Refund Solutions

III. Write in your own words what the following expressions mean in the lesson.

approved of, examined in, agree with, entitled to.


Approved of – agreed with Examined in -tested in Agree with -to have similar opinion Entitled to – having the right to get/do something; deserved/fit

Refund Comprehension:

A. Answer the following questions in about 25 words.

Questions 1. Why did Wasserkopf come to the school after eighteen years?

Answer: Wasserkopf had studied at the school nearly eighteen years ago. The education he received in the school failed to provide him with any capability. It had also rendered him worthless. He came to the school for the refund of his tuition fees.

Questions 2. What were Wasserkopf’s arguments to get his fee back?

Answer: Wasserkopf argued with the Principle of the school eighteen years ago. It had not provided him with any capability at all. On the country, it had made him worthless. He hadn’t got his money’s worth.

Questions 3. The Principle summoned the Master for a most extra-ordinary conference. What did he tell them?

Answer: The Principal sumoned the Masters for the most extraordinary conference. He told them about an old pupil, Wasserkopf who had come there to get his fee back. It was a unique case during his career as a school-master.

MP Board 10th English Chapter 5 Refund Solutions

Questions 4. Why did the Principal consider Wasserkopf’s case “a most unusual state of affairs”?

Answer: Wasserkopf had brought the certificate of the school. He said that he was no good for anything. The Principle if his fee was not refunded to him. The Principal considered it a most unusual case.

Questions 5. What did the mathematics teacher suggest to checkmate Wasserkopf?

Answer: The Mathematics Teacher said that were dealing with a sly, crafty individual. He would try to get the better off them and would take his money back anyhow. In this context he suggested that he should be asked simple questions so that he must not fall. In this way, they could checkmate him.

MP Board 10th English solutions

Questions 6. Why did the Mathematics teacher want to prevent Wasserkopf from failing?

Answer: The Mathematics teacher ‘knew that Wasserkopf would try his level best to fail in the re-examination. If he failed, he would succeed in his mission. In other words, the school would have to refund his fees. That would place them in an awkward position. Therefore, he wanted to prevent Wasserkopf from failing.

Questions 7. What were the qualities of Wasserkopf that the Principle and the Masters evaluated?

Answer: The Principal and the Master evaluated the following qualities of Wasserkopf. Patriachal manners, gentlemanliness, courtesy, physical culture, alertness, perseverance, logic and ambition.

Questions 8. On what ground was Wasserkopf awarded ‘Excellent’ in Physical Culture?

Answer: The History Master asked Wasserkopf to sit on the chair. Wasserkopf said. “To hell with a seat! I shall stand.” The Mathematics Master interprets that Wasserkopf intended to face the oral examination and will remain standing. He awarded Wasserkopf ‘excellent’ in physical culture due to his splendid physical condition.

10th English Chapter 5 Refund question answer Solutions

Questions 9. What was the questions that the Physics Master put to Wasserkopf?

Answer: The Physics Master also put a question to Wasserkopf. the questions was whether clocks in church steeples really become smaller as you walk away from them or do they merely appear to become smaller because of an optical illusion (mirage).

MP Board 10th English the rainbow solutions

Questions 10. How much money, according to Wasserkopf, the school owed to him the following money.

Answer: According to Wasserkopf, the school owed to him the following money. Wasserkopf had attended the school for six years. the total of his attended the school fees on incidentals was 2400 + 1800+1482 +768 crowns 50 heller. He was ready to knock off the hellers.

Questions 11. What was the result the Principal presented to Wasserkopf?

Answer: The Principal presented the result to Wasserkopf. He had passed with distinction in every subject. Therefore, he had again shown that he was entitled to the certificate they had awarded him on his graduation. He congratulated both Wasserkopf and his team.

MP Board Class 10th English Chapter 5 Refund Solutions

Refund Additional Important Questuions

I. Match the following:

  1. Principal received parents – (a) i don’t think so
  2. Wasserkopf – (b) Gentleman, the case is natural
  3. The Mathematics teacher – (c) Only during office hours
  4. The Physics Master – (d) i’m bringing back the leaving certificate you gave me.
  5. A pupil – (e) Tell us about it.

Answers: 1.(c), 2.(d), 3.(e) , 4.(b), 5. (a).

II. Pick up the correct choice:

(i) The story Refund

A. Wasserkopf, B. fritz Karinthy, C. Rudyard kipling, D. Oscar Wilde.

Answer: (C) fritz karinthy.

(ii) A. Yes; but be quick. I”e got no time to (waste! wait).

B. Because hes (a donkey/an ass).

C. There is nothing like it in the history of (India! civilization)

D. The Geography Master. Where is the (fellow! person), any how?

Answer: A. waste, B. an ass, C. civilization, D. fellow.

MP Board Class 10th English solutions

III. Write ‘True’ or ‘false’.

  1. The History Master, leave it to us.
  2. The principal (to the servant): Show in her Wasserkopf.
  3. Wasserkopf. Agreed! Agreed!
  4. The mathematics Master: ‘logic; Excellent’..
  5. The Physics Master: you were always a numskull.

Answers: 1. False , 2.True, 3. false, 4. true, 5.false.

IV. Refund Fill in the following blanks.

  1. Oh, you can’t think of a ……. that’s easy enough?
  2. How long did the …….. year war last?
  3. This is no way to ……… an examination.
  4. The Principal; I Shall ……….with this decisively.
  5. The ………. takes the place of the History master.

Answers: 1. question , 2.thirty, 3. run, 4. deal, 5.Physics master.

B. Short Answer Type Questions (in about 25 words)

Question 1. What did the servant (peon) tell the Principal?

Answer: The servant (peon) told the Principal that there was a man outside. He wanted to see the Principal. He was neither a parent nor a [[pupil. He had a beard. His name was Wasserkopf. He looked intelligent.

MP Board Class 10th English solutions

Question 2. Whom did the peon show in?

Answer: The peon showed in a middle-aged person. His name was Wasserkopf. he was bearded. he was carelessly dressed. He was somewhat under forty. He was energetic and decidedly a man of confidence.

Question 3. How did Wasserkopf introduce himself?

Answer: Wasserkopf remained standing. The Principal asked him what he should do for him. wasserkopf asked if the Principal remembered him. ( English Chapter 5 Refund Solutions) then he realised that he was not worth remembering. In the end he told the Principal he was a student in that school eighteen years ago.

Question 4. Why could Wasserkopf say that he could get along without another certificate?

Answer: Wassrkopf was awarded a certificate on his graduation from the school. the certificate showed that he got an education. The reality was that he hadn’t learnt anything. He couldn’t keep a job even if he managed to get it. Therefore, he could get along without any (another) certificate.

Question 5. Who was Leader? What was his suggestion to Wasseerkopf?

Answer: Leader was a man who made speculations in foreign exchange. He was awfully busy. He told Wasseerkopf that he earned whenever money was down. Wasserkopf failed to understand it. leader pitied his poor knowledge. He suggested him to get his tuition fee refunded if he did not know any damn thing.

Question 6. Why was wasserkopf hell bent on getting the refund of his tuition fee?

Answer: Wasserkopf was a poor man. His tuition fee amounted to a lot of money. Therefore, he could not afford to forget the heavy amount. Moreover, he didn’t get anything for them. he was no good for anything. He couldn’t retain even his acquired jobs.

Class 10th English Chapter 5 Refund Solutions

Question 7. Why did the Principal scratch his head?

Answer: A former student, named Wasserkopf came to the Principal ,j to get his tuition fee refunded. It was a unique case. he had never heard of anything like it before. He couldn’t make any decision single handed. therefore, he scratched his head.

Question 8. What were the views’ of the Mathematics Master about re-examination?

Answer: Wasserkopf was in favour of a re-examination. It would prove that he had really learned nothing. The Mathematics Master suggested that they should not make their questions too difficult. In this way, they would get the better of the sly and crafty fellow.

Question 9. What is the pedagogical scandal referred to in the lesson ‘Refund’?

Answer: The Mathematics master was of the view that view all the techers would prevent Wasserkopf from failing. if he fails, he would claim for the refund of his fees. It would become a pedagogic scandal. the number of claimants would go on swelling day after day.

MP Board 10th English solutions

C. Long Answer Type Questions (In about 50 words)

Question 1. Give a brief character sketch of Wasserkopf.

Answer: Wasserkopf was a poor and greedy person. He was fired from his jobs due to his ill manners and rude behaviour. He had no knowledge of any field. He neither had sense of shame nor sense of respect. He threatens the Principal that he would complain against him to the Ministery of Education. He is like a ruffian. he stares insolently at the Principal. he calls the teachers ‘loafers’. He doesn’t give a damn for the teachers. He calls the History Master a ‘numskull’. He calls the Physics Master Master a cannibal and a whiskered ballon . He calls the Maths teacher as ‘old stick in the mud’.

Question 2. give the role of the principal of the school in the lesson ‘refund’.

Answer: The entire scene of the one act play takes place in the office of the Principal of thee school. A former student, named Wasserkopf enters his office. He addresses him as Mr. principal. he asks him to refund his tuition fee because the school had taught him nothing. The Principal. the Principal hears his complaint patiently he makes him wait and called a conference of his teachers. He apprises the teachers of the silly demand of a sly and crafty old student. he is a spectator when Wasserkopf is re-examined. he is a competent and considerates administrator. he controls the situation and turns Wasserkopf out empty handed.

10th English solutions

Refund introduction

This one act is about a former pupil who unexpectedly arrives at the school in which he studied earlier. The education that he received at school has left no good impact on him. he has become worthless. He argues with the principal of the school. previously the Principal is not ready to accept his demand. But finally he tells his teachers to conduct a re-examination to a certain his worth.

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