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MP Board Class 12th English Chapter 3 Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S. Solutions

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Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S (By Nissim Ezekiel) Introduction

This is a humorous poem which contains 42 fines. It describes certain qualities of the poet’s sister. Miss ‘ Pushpa T.S.. who is departing for foreign in two-three days for improving her prospect.

Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S Comprehension

A. Answer in one sentence each:

Question 1. What has the party been arranged for?

Answer: The party has been arranged for the farewell of Miss Pushpa.

Question 2. Who is going to a foreign country?

Answer: Miss Pushpa, sister of the poet, is going to a foreign country.

Question 3. Whose wife cooked nicely?

Answer: The wife of poet’s uncle’s old friend cooked nicely.

Question 4. Why has Surat been mentioned in the poem?

Answer: Surat has been mentioned in the poem because the poet is confused about the place Pushpa’s father belonged to and also the poet remembers his stay at Surat once.

MP Board Solutions

B. Answer in about 60 words each:

Question 1. What qualities of Miss Pushpa T.S. are evident from the speaker’s address?

Answer: Miss Puspa T.S. is a sweet lady with an all time smile on her face. She smiles even without reason. Se belongs to a reputed family and is very popular among people. She is full of spirits. She never says ‘no’ to ‘things’. Se is always ready to do anything. She has ambitions and is prosperous. These are the qualities evident from the speaker’s address.

Question 2. What was Miss Puspha T.S. popular with?

Answer: Miss Pushpa is popular with men and women. As, she is always smiling and full of spirits, everyone likes her. She never says ‘no’ to anyone for anything. Her good spirit makes her popular.

MP Board For Class 12th Solutions

Question 3. What does the speaker mention about Miss Pushpa doing in the end?

Answer: The speaker is addressing the audience. He tells the people that the party has been arranged to wish for a happy journey to Miss Pushpa T.S. who is leaving for improving her prospect by going abroad.

Question 4. In what ways does Miss Pushpa show her good spirit? (M.P. Board 2016)

Answer: Miss Pushpa is a lady with certain distinctive traits. She is full of spirits. Whenever the poet asks her to do anything, she readily replies ‘Just only I will do it’. She never says no .

Question 5. What inspires laughter in the poem?

Answer: The poet creates humour in his poem through his description of Miss Pushpa. He mentions that Miss Pushpa is sweet not only externally but also internally. She smiles and similes without reason. Also the act of forgetting creates a little humourous situation where the poet confuses between the names of cities. Also with a mention of a city’ the way poet remembers his visit to Surat not only shifts the main focus from Miss Pushpa to poet but also generates a similes on facts of how the poet has brought some trivial instance into discussion.

C. Answer in about 75 words each:

Question 1. What features of ‘Babu English’ are suggested in the poem? Give illustrations.

Answer: ‘Babu English’ is the term used for the language which an educated Indian speaks or writes. It is the type of English which doesn’t follow the strict rule of the original English. t gives stress on the expression of meaning. It is the mixed English called Indianised version of English now known as GIE (General Indian English). In the poem, we see there is no set pattern. It is written in free verse Without any rhyme and rhythm. It is in a formal talk manner. Still it conveys its meaning very clearly.

Question 2. Give the central idea of the poem.

Answer: The central idea of the poem is to highlight the character of Miss Pushpa T.S. She is leaving for abroad. Se is going there to improve her prospect. She is a charming lady with an all smiling face. Se smiles even without reason. She smiles for she feels it. Se is very popular among people and is always ready to.do anything for everyone. She never says ‘no’ to anyone. She is full of spirits. The poet appreciates her spirit, readiness, and pleasing smiles. The main theme is to highlight her qualities.

MP Board Solutions

Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S Stanzas for Comprehension

Read the following stanzas carefully and answer the questions that follow them:

1. Friends,
Our dear sister , 
is departing for foreign
in two-three days,
we are meeting today
to wish her bon voyage. (Page 17)

(i) Whom does the first line refer to?
(ii) …………….. is departing for foreign.
(iii) Find a word which means same as ‘happy journey’?
(iv) Why are they meeting there?

(i) The audience or the friends of the poet are referred to in the first line.
(ii) The poet’s sister.
(iii) Bon voyage has a same meaning as ‘happy journey’.
(iv) They are meeting there to wish for a happy journey to his sister Miss Pushpa.

2. Miss Pushpa is coming
from very high family.
Her father was renowned advocate
in Bulsar or Surat,
I am not remembering now which place. (Page 18)

(i) Who belongs to a very high family?
(ii) What does the last line refer to?
(iii) Find a word from the above stanza which is opposite in meaning to ‘infamous’?
(iv) Who was a renowned advocate?

MP Board Solutions

(i) Miss Pushpa belongs to a very high family.
(ii) The last line refers that the poet exactly doesn’t remember to which place Miss Pushpa’s father belongs.
(iii) ‘Renowned’has a opposite meaning to’infamous’.
(iv) Miss Pushpa’s father was a renowned advocate.

3. Whatever I or anybody is asking .

She is always saying yes,
And today she is going to improve her prospect
and we are wishing her bon voyage. (Page 18)

MP Board Solutions

(i) Find a word from the above stanza which is simlar in meaning to ‘develop’.
(ii) The audience is meeting to wish her.
(iii)What does she say when anyone asks her for anything?
(iv) Why is she going to foreign?

(i) Improve has similar meaning to ‘develop’.
(ii) Bon voyage.
(iii) She always says ‘yes’ when anyone asks her for anything.
(iv) She is going to foreign to improve her prospect.

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